Bing Ads Coupons/ Microsoft Ads Coupon March 2020 For Advertisers – $100 Credits

Bing is a Microsoft based search engine which is used by 140 million monthly users worldwide. In the United States 1 in 3 people use Bing Search Engine.

Bing Ads are more affordable as compared to Google Ads due to their low CPCs and it has a better conversion rate when compared to its competitors. Unlike in Google Ads, Bing allows you to assign different campaigns different time zones. This makes sophisticated ad scheduling strategies far easier to manage in Bing, particularly if your campaigns reach internationally. It also has a great expert team which always helps their Advertisers to set campaign, run Ads and manage their cost and clicks. You can also import your Google Ads Campaigns to Bing Ads.

Benefits of Bing Ads

Bing is not only a search engine, but it also has more sub-branches and from one dashboard you can set Ads at multiple places.

Here are some benefits of advertising with Bing.

  • More Affordable Advertising
  • Target more audience which is not using google
  • Give consumer more information using Bing Ad extensions.
  • Cheap CPC as compare to Google Adword
  • You can import Google Ads Campaign
  • Bing provides quality support to its customers
 Claim your free Bing Ads 2020 coupon today to start SEM advertisements on Bing and Yahoo! network.

Fill the form through below links and signup for Microsoft Ads in the following page depending on your Country. You will get Bing Ads Coupon to your email id if you are eligible.

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If you are from India

If you are from United States

If you are from UK

Bing Ads re-brands as Microsoft Advertising

On  April 29th 2019, Microsoft announced the re-branding of Bing Ads as Microsoft Ads

How to redeem your bing ads/ Microsoft Ads coupon in 2020?
  • Login to your new account and navigate to Bing Ads > Accounts & Billing > Payment Methods.
  • If You have already added a valid “Payment Method” to your account click next, if not do it now in order to redeem the coupon code.
  • Once you have a valid payment method, you can redeem the coupon e-mailed to you.

Note: You should incur a minimum spend (650rs for Indian Advertisers and 25$ for US advertisers is the minimum spend to get the 3000rs and 100$ Coupons respectively) to redeem the coupon.

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